About Us

The main activity of our company is construction and her first project was construction of “Mardin- Nusaybin Practical Art School” cafeteria and gym in 1976. Later, “Diymar Construction” joined “Akar Companies Group” and continued her path more powerful, more knowledgeable and energetic by adding value to group companies as well.

For 40 years, “Akar Group” completed significant number of contracting projects -domestic and abroad- in different standards and delivered on time with over 2000 employees.

Road construction and irrigation projects such as the construction of basic infrastructure and construction of the upper structure projects such as private housing, education, health, sports, hotels, service buildings, restoration of facilities have been realized by our group through 40 years period and overall cost of the work has reached approximately 950 million USD.

Diymar Construction Co. in cooperation with Musa Akar Construction Co. invests and operates in the field of construction, tourism and fuel.

The four stars Hotel in Ankara - construction and management carried out by us- was awarded by “Award for Tourist, Hotel and Catering Industry 2007“in Spain due to success of the business in a short period of time. This encouraged us to invest abroad in this area and accelerated our work.

A large part of the work carried out to date by the Akar Group is in domestic mites, here after group is determined to give priority to the projects abroad. Therefore collaboration in regional and global projects will be our next basic principle.

Our group has NATO Security Certificate hence there is no impediment to doing business in all countries under NATO.

“Akar Companies Group” always takes care to be always one step ahead and to set an example in his work flows. Group will continue her services to achieve the perfect.