President's Message

From Chairman

Our brave and resolute journey has begun in 1976 with construction of Mardin - Nusaybin Practical Art School Cafeteria and Sports Hall. As of today, we believe that we have left behind many good works.

Our group, with the addition of parts to form a whole, strives to offer the best and most beautiful for our country with the activities in fuel dealership, tourism management as well as the construction sector, for nearly 40 years.

Akar Group Companies which performed most of the work in Turkey so far is now ready to take its place in the international projects, in the globalized world.

Without compromising on quality and service, we work more and more every day adapting to new technologies with our experienced staff and aim to transfer our 40 years of experience to the future.

Our most important goal is to move up our group to a better place in the future, together with our employees, employers and partners.

Our goal has always been to contribute to country's economy by undertaking larger jobs in the field of construction, tourism and fuel, both at home and abroad and will continue to be so.

While we take our position in the world which is getting smaller and smaller, we wish to leave beautiful works for the future.

Best Regards.